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The Perfect Dance Studio…

If you’re looking for a Gold Coast Dance Studio, this is super important to understand.

There are a lot of different options out there.

It is vital you pick the right one for your dancer.

Finding the perfect dance studio in the Gold Coast can be a challenge!

Keep reading and we’ll tell you exactly why.

The studio types

Did you know that no two Gold Coast dance schools are the same? (Yes, of course, but hear me out!)

For some, there may be a strong competitive or performance focus. Lots of competitions, encouragement (or pressure) to take up lots of additional classes.

This might be immediately obvious when you look into the school. Or it may become apparent later down the track as you get into the studio community.

These studios will usually have a strong emphasis on the development of students for a future career in dancing.

This is wonderful for dancers with these aspirations!

The problem….

However, there is a problem.

If the student is not a good match for this approach and culture, we can run into issues!

Anxiety, overtraining, stress, pressure. This absolutely can and does happen when a student isn’t the right fit for the school they are in.

Now we absolutely are not saying that there is anything necessarily wrong with schools that take this approach. But please do understand that it is certainly not the right approach for every child.

Fit the right student to the right school.

The solution!

Let’s repeat that again!

Fit the right student to the right school!

If your dancer simply:

  • Loves to dance
  • Doesn’t like pressure
  • Loves feeling welcomed
  • Wants to feel inspired
  • Thrives on freedom of expression

And you…

  • Don’t want to feel pressured
  • Want to make some friends
  • See your child glow with happiness
  • Not feel like your life is becoming consumed by dance

You should contact us right away!


Because this is our school.

This is our vibe.

This is who we are.

Kids Musical Theatre Classes Gold Coast

Our Classes

We offer Ballet, Jazz Fusion, Singing, Musical Theatre, Tap & Acrobatics. Our classes are taught by our friendly tribe of experienced & qualified teachers.

As our studio grows, we are continually bringing in new styles for our students. Our age range is growing quickly too. We will over the next few years expand all the way through to teen and young adult classes.

If there is a class or age group you would really like to see us offer, please reach out and let us know! It may very well be on its way in the not too distant future…

10-13 Years

We are primarily a non-competitive dance school. We are welcoming, friendly and inclusive! There is no pressure on our students to “do everything.”

Our focus is to instill a love of dance and performing arts. If a dancer would like to do one class a week for fun – we have classes for them. If they would like to do everything on offer, they are most welcome!

We steer clear of the overly competitive atmosphere that can sometimes come about in dance and can often be associated with completely unnecessary stress.

‘Pure Dance Without The Fuss’ – This Is Our Vibe!

We are all for friendly competition – as long as it’s constructive and supportive 🙂

It is important that our students learn & progress as individuals and that they also develop a spirit of comradery.

Safety, happiness, fun, growth, confidence, inclusion – these are all essential components of our school.

At Inspire Academy, every dancer can dance their hearts out like nobody is watching and absolutely LOVE every minute of it.

We are Inspired to DANCE!

#InspiredToDance #FussFreeDance


We have 2 studio locations in the Gold Coast. No matter where you live, one of our studios shouldn’t be too far away!

Our studios have fully sprung floors, mirrors, dance vinyl flooring, waiting rooms, reception, dancewear shop, bathroom, kitchen – everything you need!

Butterfly Ballet & Inspire Academy
138 Siganto Drive Helensvale

Butterfly Ballet & Inspire Academy
44 Dover Drive Burleigh Heads

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