Butterfly Ballet or Inspire Academy

The purpose of this page is to explain the differences between:

  • Butterfly Ballet; and
  • Inspire Academy

Butterfly Ballet

These are our Preschooler Classes.

They run Monday to Friday in the MORNINGS.

They also run on Saturdays.

All of the below classes are Butterfly Ballet classes:

  • ​Cherubs Ballet
  • ​Mummy & Me Ballet
  • ​Tots Ballet
  • ​Mini Jazz
  • ​Mini Tap

Inspire Academy

These are our dance classes for school-aged children.

As a general rule of thumb, Inspire Academy students will be 5yrs and older.

There may be some crossover with a few 4yr olds being in Inspire Academy, and a few 5yr olds being in Butterfly Ballet. What matters is the actual CLASS they are enrolled in.

Inspire Academy classes run Monday to Friday in the AFTERNOON, after school.

They also run on Saturdays.

Any class not listed above in Butterfly Ballet will be an Inspire Academy class.

These include:

  • Next Steps Ballet
  • Level 1/2/3 Ballet
  • Level 1/2/3 Jazz
  • Musical Theatre
  • Acrobatics
  • Singing
  • Cheer
  • Technique Extension
  • Privates

School Holidays

Butterfly Ballet

Classes CONTINUE running through the school holidays.


These students are young (1.5 to 4yrs old) and are not yet at school.

So we have found families don’t yet structure their lives around school holiday periods.

So there is no need to stop classes 🙂

Inspire Academy

Classes DO NOT run through school public holidays.


Many families make different arrangements or holidays around this time.

Classes stop for 2 weeks during the school holiday period.

If you have a child or children in both Butterfly Ballet and Inspire Academy classes, please make note of which classes are running and which are not.

A quick way to check

Take a look at your emails for a table that looks like the ones below. Usually this will be in your invoice email, but may be in some others.

First & Last Session will show your dates for the term in that class.

Lesson Format is the name of your class.

Standard will tell you if it’s a Butterfly Ballet or Inspire Academy class.

Next Sessions tells you when the next class is.

End of Year Concerts

Butterfly Ballet

We hold an IN CLASS Presentation.

Super simple. Super easy.

Click here for detailed Butterfly Ballet Presentation info

Inspire Academy

We hold an End of Year Concert at HOTA.

This is usually in December each year.

Click here for detailed Inspire Academy Concert info