Covid Information

Last Updated: 12th March 2022

With the ever-changing Covid situation, we want to reassure you that we remain 100% committed to the health and safety of our families and our children.

A few key things to note are:

  • Masks are not required.
  • There is no mandate in our industry around vaccinations. We do not need to see anyone’s vaccination status for them to enter our studios.
  • Waiting rooms continue to remain open. However, please do remember this is a smaller enclosed space with limited airflow. If it’s busy or you would feel more comfortable, feel free to wait outside or in your car. If we have staff at the admin desk, just let us know and we can come and find you if your child needs you.
  • Cleaning will continue regularly at our studios to maintain appropriate hygiene.
  • Please sanitize or wash your hands before and after class & adhere to social distancing measures.
  • Close Contacts are not applicable.
  • Confirmed cases or close contacts should not enter the studio whilst still in isolation.
  • If any of our classes can’t run due to a teacher being in isolation or any targeted lockdowns (please no more!), we will offer make-up classes for the missed class. Any closure lasting longer than a week would switch to Zoom classes online. However, we feel confident that we are now past those days. If you are not able to attend a make-up or Zoom class online, please speak with us directly to arrange an alternative option.
We hope this covers any questions that you may have. If you have any further queries please reach out and let us know.