Dance Classes

Ballet Levels

An extremely popular choice of style at our studio! Classical Ballet is a beautiful & historic art-form & provides a strong technical foundation, developing discipline, grace & poise. We incorporate the Australian Teachers of Dancing syllabus into our classes and examinations are available to our students. Exams preparation begins at Test 1 level.

Our ballet classes at Inspire start at Pre Level Ballet. These classes are beautifully themed and enable students to learn about some of the Great traditional ballets. Students develop classical ballet technique, learn a variety of ballet steps and the ways in which to execute them. This Kinderballet Accredited Program is the ideal foundation for our Test ballet levels. Students are typically around 5yrs old and in Prep level at school.

Our Test classes (Test 1, 2, 3) follow the ATOD method of training. These classes largely focus on classical ballet technique and building on the foundations laid by the previous levels to increase the repertoire of steps. There is an element of creative movement to allow for freedom of expression and children’s own ability to think creatively. Students learn set dances which are performed during our end of year showcase. Test classes are not themed but follow the structure of a traditional ballet class with barre work and centre practice.

As a guide, a Test 1 student would be 6 years old and in Year 1 at school. Test 2 would be 7 years old and in Year 2. This is assuming the student has a strong foundation for ballet before they begin. We like to see students enter the class that best suits their ability level, rather than their age or grade in school.

Jazz Fusion

Jazz Fusion is super fun and upbeat, Jazz based class!

We suggest Jazz Fusion as a great place to start for students that just love dancing to music on the radio! We use modern, popular, age-appropriate music for these classes and they are so much fun.

The technique of jazz has its roots in ballet and uses many of the same body placement elements found in ballet, including the proper technique when displaying body placement, extension and control. Yet it incorporates a low centre of gravity and high level of energy.

Students have opportunities to develop their own choreographic skills within the class and will learn set dances which are performed during our end of year showcase.

Dancers will begin each jazz class by stretching. Jazz dance classes will also include centre and across the floor exercises, developing skill sets.

We use the IDT Syllabus as a basis for our Dance Fusion classes.

Jazz Levels

Jazz Levels Classes are super fun and upbeat, Jazz based class!

We suggest Jazz Levels for older students ready to move on to the next level.

A primarily Jazz based class. The students learn some exercises from the ATOD syllabus. In addition, they focus is on developing their Jazz technique and style. Students have plenty of opportunity for creative expression and for learning choreography. Music is upbeat, drawing from both the syllabus and from current pop hits that the children identify with.


Our Acrobatics classes follow the world-renowned, Cirque du Soleil endorsed Acrobatic Arts syllabus. The classes on offer are ideal for beginners. Students are encouraged to creatively explore their world through movement and learn how to properly balance, tumble and begin to handstand & cartwheel. Children are guided by our experienced instructors and supported to learn at their own pace, regardless of their level of ability. Exercises are age appropriate and safety mats are used. The emphasis is on building confidence, strength and stability.

Musical Theatre

Dance, Sing, Act! Musical Theatre classes combine the performance components of vocal, drama and dance. Students develop their theatrical skills, learn to work as a team, gain confidence and develop musicality. This class provides a strong performance foundation, to carry them forward in their theatrical pursuits. Gain knowledge of a wide variety of dance steps & learn sensational song and dance routines from classic musicals!


A dynamic foundational tap class incorporating a range of musical styles. Students will learn barre, centre and corner work, as well as fun combinations & routines.

Learn tap dancing techniques like a shuffle, heel dig, double ball drop & knock! The class is set to upbeat music & incorporates the use of props. It is designed to be fun to keep students focused whilst they are learning. The class is creatively delivered to introduce young children to the fun art of tap dance. Children learn a variety of skills within this class, engaging in actives that enable them to develop coordination, exploration of space and an awareness of rhythm and timing.


If your child loves to hold a tune then come and try our singing classes! These are suitable for students from 5yrs and up and are a perfect complimentary class to go with Musical Theatre. Students learn how to warm up and develop correct singing technique whilst having lots of fun in the process.


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