Exams give students the opportunity to undertake a formal examination and a goal to work towards by reaching the technical requirement for each level. Undertaking examinations allow students to continue their dance education into the professional levels. Our studio is affiliated with the Australian Teachers of Dancing and we are registered to offer a graded system of exams.

For which subjects are exams available?

We currently run exams for the following styles

  • Ballet (Test 1 Level & above)
  • Tap (Test 1 Level)
  • Musical Theatre (Level 1)

Are exams scary?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! At Butterfly Ballet & Inspire Academy, we are passionate about teaching our students correctly, right from the start. Exams are a valuable opportunity, to build confidence, develop artistry, discipline, self-esteem & technical ability, and respect for teamwork among fellow students. Exams are a positive experience – fun and rewarding!

When does the exam take place and where?

The exam takes place at our Helensvale studio. This year it is likely to take place in June or July. We will let you know the date as soon as we have received the final confirmation from the Australian Teachers of Dancing.

I’m not sure if my child is ready or that they want to do the exam.

Exams are a wonderful experience and we encourage all students to participate. We understand that exams are new for many of them! Our amazing teachers make every effort to support, guide, and prepare students for exams. We want to ensure they feel amazing about the whole process 🙂

Examination Process

Students who are new to our studio or who have recently enrolled in a new dance genre in 2021 will not be formally graded on their examination (unless advised otherwise by their teacher.) This is referred to as being a ‘Participation Student’. It is also important to highlight, that if a teacher feels that any student is not quite ready to be formally graded, this decision will be made by the teacher and communicated to the parent/carer. However, every student will have the opportunity to participate and experience the exam process in the same manner as their fellow students, graded or not. We encourage each student to be part of this wonderful experience.

Participation students will receive a certificate of participation which also includes a written report of their performance.

Formally Graded students will receive a certificate and a detailed breakdown of their performance.

Are exams compulsory?

Exams are optional. If your child is happy attending their class but does not want to participate in the exam (whether it be as a graded student or a participation student) please just let us know, via email, so we can make note of this. If we do not hear from you we assume your child will be going ahead with the exam.


A uniform is required for students participating in exams. You can view full details on our Uniform Page.


There is a small fee for students to attend the examination, per class. This fee covers the cost of the ATOD Examiner as well as putting on the day. This is the same regardless if they are being formally graded or sitting as a participation student.

We appreciate your communication so we can ensure the best support for your child. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate. We look forward to hearing from you 🙂


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