Jazz Fusion & Levels Classes

Jazz Fusion

Jazz Fusion is super fun and upbeat, Jazz based class!

We suggest Jazz Fusion as a great place to start for students that just love dancing to music on the radio! We use modern, popular, age-appropriate music for these classes and they are so much fun.

Jazz Fusion – 5-9 years

The technique of jazz has its roots in ballet and uses many of the same body placement elements found in ballet, including the proper technique when displaying body placement, extension and control. Yet it incorporates a low centre of gravity and high level of energy.

Students have opportunities to develop their own choreographic skills within the class and will learn set dances which are performed during our end of year showcase.

Dancers will begin each jazz class by stretching. Jazz dance classes will also include centre and across the floor exercises, developing skill sets.

Jazz Levels

Jazz Levels Classes are super fun and upbeat, Jazz based class!

We suggest Jazz Levels for older students ready to move on to the next level.

Jazz Fusion – 10-14 years

A primarily Jazz based class. The students learn some exercises from the ATOD syllabus. In addition, they focus is on developing their Jazz technique and style. Students have plenty of opportunity for creative expression and for learning choreography. Music is upbeat, drawing from both the syllabus and from current pop hits that the children identify with.


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